Running is my friend

We didn’t talk for a few days, but really, running, I was busy. First we had the house closing – no time for running. Then, we had the poppy’s elementary school reunion – no time for running. Then the ds2 and the dil were here – no time for running and in the middle of their visit, we had a couple of days down with anemia. It just couldn’t be helped. I’m sorry, okay?!?

Very hard run on Monday, so a nice easy run today.

You know, I started out running approximately 37-lbs ago. That’s awesome. I mean that I’ve lost that weight. But for nearly a year now, I’ve been plateaued and could not figure out a way to jump start weight loss again. So, since I’ve been running at the indoor gym, and all new classes started Monday, I’ve started going to the TRX Suspension class. I’m going Monday and Wednesday evenings for a half hour and Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 45 minutes. Plus, I had a friend show me where the circuit room is and, beginning today, I also added that to my workout. So, while today was a nice easy run, I also did 2 circuits and the suspension class. Phew. I had to come home and nap!!

06.04.2012 – 7.1-mi (Week 6 Day 1 of Couch to 10K)
06.05.2012 – 2.25-mi (Week 1 Day 1 of Easy 10k)
Total June miles: 9.35
Total 2012 miles: 117.38
Shoe Miles
Running: 353.94
Walking: 75.34
Total: 429.28

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