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Kilah’s Quilt is done!

Here’s the finished top:

I decided to make a siggy block for the back:

On the longarm yesterday:

It took me about 7 hours yesterday to finish the quilting. At the LQS, I was told I had to do FMQ because it was easier the first time around. She recommended I do the entire thing in stipple. I did do a lot of stipple, but I got bored with that, so it’s a mixture of a little bit of everything, though precious few specific things. I did write Kilah’s name on the quilt, but won’t tell where. Hopefully, they’ll notice it someday.
An up close of some quilting:

It’s in the dryer now and next stop is the post office. I’ll post after shots when they send them to me of Kilah with the quilt.

I really appreciate y’alls willingness to jump in and help, those who made blocks and Kate Spain, who donated all the fabric for the backing and binding as well as for one of the blocks (and then some).

Here it is out of the dryer. The wind nearly kept it upright by itself!

Here’s an up close shot after going through the washer. I love it!!!