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Giant Swoon is finished!

And another quilt completed. So, of the 5 quilts I planned to do for the year, yes, I have done 7. *cat-ate-the-canary grin* Here’s the finish:

It measures 82.5″ square.

Running amok!

Finished Week 5 of Couch to 10K!!

5/22 5.5-mi run
Total May miles: 33.93
Total 2012 miles: 108.03
Shoe Miles
Running: 344.59
Walking: 75.34
Total: 419.93


Another nice indoor track run this morning. I am loving it there. 10-min/mile is awesome!

I did find the “sprinter” interesting. This girl came up and spent about 15-min stretching, then out on the track and flying like she’s trying to catch up with someone already on the track. One lap. Two laps. Then, walk. One lap. Then fly. 1/2-lap. Then walk. 1/2-lap, etc., until she had gone about 1.5-mi. Then another 15-min of stretching and she’s done! Plus, she’s a dangerous runner – elbows and knees flying everywhere. Honestly, it was all very strange. Perhaps she thought we’d all be impressed?

5/21 2.26-mi walk and 5.5-mi run
5/18 1.62-mi walk and 6.5-mi run
Total May miles: 28.43
Total 2012 miles: 102.53
Shoe Miles
Running: 339.09
Walking: 75.34
Total: 414.43

Running, Running, Running!

We got a membership at the Wal-Mart gym (really nice facility) and I went to the indoor track this morning. I did Week 4 Day 3 of Couch to 10k, then came home and walked the dogs 1.96-mi.

5/10 2.25-mi walk and 3.49-mi run
5/16 1.96-mi walk and 5.44-mi run
Total May miles: 16.43
Total 2012 miles: 90.53
Shoe Miles
Running: 327.09
Walking: 71.46
Total: 398.55

New Wave Quilt is finished!

It wound up at 71×78, but I can live with that. It’s gorgeous!

Plus, it only took four (count’em, 4) days to finish the top!!