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Sam and I have been married just over 13 years and have had nearly as many email addresses and websites.  But, I love our new hometown, Bentonville, and I love our new domain, Lintonville.com.

Family and Work

I’ve been a SAHM since we got married, with a short 3-year anomaly when I worked at the office for The Voice of the Martyrs.  We have three boys, Dominic, Sammy and Joshua.  Dominic is 22 and a Marine.  I can’t take credit for raising him, but I feel just as responsible for him as the other two.  Sammy, 20, and his wife, Tiffany, are expecting our first grandchild on June 1. Her name is Abigail Rose.  Joshua, 19, has spent lots of time over the last year just “hanging out.” Hoping he soon gains some purpose and direction in his life. Here are pics of all of them.

Dominic in Afghanistan, 2011

Sammy and Tiffany January 20, 2012


Joshua, holding the pillow I made for him on Christmas Day, 2011

Now, I spend most of my other time sewing and running.  I absolutely adore making quilts and pillows and aprons and other stuff to give to family and friends. Someday, I’m sure I’ll actually make something for myself!

This is me and my hubby, Sam, July 2011


A few years ago, while I was still working in the office, we hosted our own Biggest Loser contests.  Primarily, they were to raise money for various projects VOM did around the world, but also, we all needed to get in shape and lose extra weight.  The last year we did that fundraiser, my first weigh-in put me in at 198-lbs.  Since I’m only 5’4″, 198 is a whole lot of pounds on a little bitty frame.  I managed to lose over 30 pounds that year just by using Hoodia regularly (It’s an all natural appetite suppressant.) and by walking 3-4 miles, 4-6 days a week.  However, when I quit taking the Hoodia, I gained back most of the 30+ pounds I had lost.  At some point, after seeing picture after picture of scary looking women going into WalMart (via PeopleofWalmart.com), I realized that I needed to do something.  I didn’t like being fat and sloppy and my health wasn’t going to get better if I was still fat.

In 2010, I asked my hubby to buy me a Wii and started working out using Wii Fit+ and slowly, the weight started coming off.  While visiting my mom, I was trying to do my normal workout, but her board wasn’t cooperating, so I decided to go outside for a walk/run.  I did 3-mi that day and haven’t looked back.  Soon after that, I heard about the Couch to 5k program, bought the app for my iPhone and started running for real.  In 2010 and 11,  I completed 6 or 7 5ks, improving my time with each one.  I had a goal of running at least one 10k last year, but failed for a number of reasons (drama!!), so have picked up that goal again for 2012 2013.  I’d like to run 500-mi this year after completing 450 in 2011.

I’m still unsure why my weight loss almost totally stopped in 2011, especially considering how many miles I ran, but I will keep on working.  It’ll happen.  I’ll hit goal weight (between 125 and 135-lb) and it’ll seem like yesterday that I started.



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