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Sam had a birthday!

My honey turned 48 this past Sunday! He had the entire weekend planned out. Ha. That meant little to no sewing for me! But, he had a good birthday and that’s what mattered. On Saturday, we slept late, then went to his favorite used bookstore. After that, we did a 5.5-mi walk and went to his favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. I hope he had enough shrimp to satisfy him until next year (I don’t eat the cockroaches of the ocean, even if they are good for you.) After Endless Shrimp, we were both pretty wiped out and came home and relaxed. I got a wee bit of sewing done and finished block 7 of the latest Swoon and prepped Blocks 8 and 9.

Sunday was pancakes for breakfast, church, and home to open his present. I made a quilt out of the fabric he picked out. Being a polyglot is his dream and that’s what the quilt says. The fabric is What A World! and has Hello in many different languages. Here’s a pic of the completed top and then Sam under his new blankie.

In the evening, we drove down to Alma, AR to see the Gaither Vocal Band in concert. It was excellent! Two of the boys texted to say happy birthday, so I’m thinking that overall it was quite successful.

I managed to sneak in a little bit of sewing Sunday and was able to finish up Butterfly Flesh tonight. I’m excited since that makes 2 quilt tops for Christmas 2013 ready to take to the quilter! Yeehaw!

Running update? I’ll get back to you on that. Haven’t been running much at all…yes, incredibly lazy, but have been walking lots so that makes up for it a little, right? Right?!?