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Kilah’s Quilt is done!

Here’s the finished top:

I decided to make a siggy block for the back:

On the longarm yesterday:

It took me about 7 hours yesterday to finish the quilting. At the LQS, I was told I had to do FMQ because it was easier the first time around. She recommended I do the entire thing in stipple. I did do a lot of stipple, but I got bored with that, so it’s a mixture of a little bit of everything, though precious few specific things. I did write Kilah’s name on the quilt, but won’t tell where. Hopefully, they’ll notice it someday.
An up close of some quilting:

It’s in the dryer now and next stop is the post office. I’ll post after shots when they send them to me of Kilah with the quilt.

I really appreciate y’alls willingness to jump in and help, those who made blocks and Kate Spain, who donated all the fabric for the backing and binding as well as for one of the blocks (and then some).

Here it is out of the dryer. The wind nearly kept it upright by itself!

Here’s an up close shot after going through the washer. I love it!!!

Lots of finishes lately…

Here are some pics from the recent finishes, in no particular order.

From the Made in Cherry QAL:

From the SwoonAlong:

From the Swooning On A HopAlong:

From the talknt Handmade Swap:

Unfortunately, my swap partner didn’t have lots of personal stuff on her flickr page or on her blog. She has an etsy store and all of her pics are of the stuff she’s selling, so I ended up with no idea what she really likes. She did mention that she likes teal and orange together. There is precious little teal in this, but I like the overall effect. Though they’re not visible in the picture, I did quilt more geese into the flowered part of the pillow. And, it’s all quilted with orange thread, which I love!

I also made 152 polaroid blocks!! 76 went into the mail today and I’ll get 75 different ones back. (1 was for the swap hostess.) 150 make a quilt and now I’ll have an extra in case I absolutely hate one I receive or have already made. Here’re are the 76 that went out:

And, I made the 2nd bookshelf block for Manda in the BAMS swap. Phew. Here’re blocks 1 and 2:

This block includes the M Encyclopedia and a photo of Manda in Paris.

This shelf includes a book about Punctuation and an owl bookend.

I finished this top for my nephew, Trevon.

And, I think that’s about it. I’m still waiting on three blocks to finish up Kilah’s quilt. I understand that 1 has been sent from England and 2 from Washington, but they are taking their sweet time getting here!! As soon as they arrive, I’ll need an hour or two to add them to the last row, attach the last row and then add two borders. I haven’t prepped the backing yet because I’m not sure what the finished size will be, but I know it will all get here soon and I can finish that puppy and get it in the mail.

Y’all have a great weekend!

Update on Kilah’s quilt

I’ve received 27 of the promised blocks. I am still waiting on 2 (I think). I hate to not have them all when I start the layout, so I’ll wait a few more days. I’ve decided to use the extras in a 2nd donation quilt for another abused little girl. I hope no one is offended if theirs makes it into the second quilt rather than the first. Both are going to be special. For the second quilt, I’m going to use some of the fabric Kate Spain sent to make up a few more blocks to complete it. If you’ve not sent or even made yet, don’t let the number above keep you from making your blocks! All the blocks will be used. I promise.
Kate also sent me a number of blocks she’d made already with some of her fabric and I will incorporate these in the backs (though I truly despise piecing backs. It’s so…anticlimatic or something. haha).

Anyway, thanks so much again for reaching out to Kilah and her family with your time and talent (and fabric). I’m hoping to have this pieced by the weekend and ready to get to the longarm. Pictures coming soon!


A few weeks ago, a dear friend from junior high(!) posted that her granddaughter was in the hospital with a broken collarbone and fractured skull. The prognosis at the time was dire. They weren’t sure she would survive. She begged us to pray. Turns out, 3-year-old Kilah was abused by her stepfather. Here is the story in the news:
All links open in new window. – Kilah – Kilah

Video Story from WBTV on Kilah

Donations through PayPal for Kilah’s medical expenses

Team Kilah Blog

So there’s the story. And ways you can reach out to her. I would love our online quilting community to come together and create a quilt for Kilah. I’ve already had several volunteers to make blocks. I’m really hoping one of our expert long-arm quilters will volunteer to quilt it beautifully for us. Even if they don’t, though, I’ll have it quilted professionally and quickly so we can get it to this sweet baby.

In our Bee A {Modern} Swapper swap, we made these blocks for someone and I love them. They’re simple, bright and cheerful and have lots to draw the eye for a little girl needing the extra motivation and stimulation.

Here is the tutorial for the block: Fussy Cut Scrappy Square Tutorial. I’d love it if you’d stick with bright, girly colors, though it doesn’t have to be all pink and purple. But the fussy cuts? Yes! The girlier the better. I’m currently planning to sash with Kona White unless some other color looks like it will match better.

I really think it’d be great to have 24 blocks, so if you can do more than one, I’d be grateful. Contact me directly for mailing info: karen(at)lintonville(dot)com – I’m assuming y’all know to replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with a period? ;o) While you’re making these blocks, will you also spend time praying for this sweet girl?

Above all, if you can’t make a block for Kilah, would you please commit to praying for her every day? You can get daily email updates about how she’s doing.

Thanks everyone! My quilting friends are my heroes.


Blocks committed to:
01-mtngirl81 (2 blocks)
06-Rebecca_Peachey (2 blocks)
11-ws_on_etsy (2 blocks)
12-MermaidSweets (2 blocks)
14-Bethadeezoo (2 blocks)
16-Kim (2 blocks)
17-true2beeme (2 blocks)

The addition of Carol’s block brings us up to 27 blocks, so we have enough blocks. I will either put the extra three on the back or make them the start of another quilt to donate for another abused little girl. If there are more than three extra (which might be the case if I’ve assigned quantities incorrectly), I’ll definitely start another little quilt with them. They will not go to waste. I promise.

Also, Art Gallery Fabrics (they are awesome!) has volunteered to donate fabric if needed. I’ve already asked for backing fabric. If you’d like to make a block but don’t have girlie stuff in your stash, please let me know. I have lots and can send. Thanks so much to Kate Spain for donating fabric to make blocks with. Please let me know if you need anything to make a block!