Update on Kilah’s quilt

I’ve received 27 of the promised blocks. I am still waiting on 2 (I think). I hate to not have them all when I start the layout, so I’ll wait a few more days. I’ve decided to use the extras in a 2nd donation quilt for another abused little girl. I hope no one is offended if theirs makes it into the second quilt rather than the first. Both are going to be special. For the second quilt, I’m going to use some of the fabric Kate Spain sent to make up a few more blocks to complete it. If you’ve not sent or even made yet, don’t let the number above keep you from making your blocks! All the blocks will be used. I promise.
Kate also sent me a number of blocks she’d made already with some of her fabric and I will incorporate these in the backs (though I truly despise piecing backs. It’s so…anticlimatic or something. haha).

Anyway, thanks so much again for reaching out to Kilah and her family with your time and talent (and fabric). I’m hoping to have this pieced by the weekend and ready to get to the longarm. Pictures coming soon!

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