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Finishing On A Whim

So, I’ve finished piecing the On A Whim quilt using 30s repro fabrics and some Kona Solids and I love it. I probably should’ve spent about 15-minutes before joining blocks into rows and rows into a quilt squaring up a couple of the blocks because they’re really off, making the rest of the row really off. But what’s done is done and likely, I’m the only one who’ll notice the mess.

Anyway, I got my name on the list at the local quilter so she can quilt it, but cannot drop it off until I get the right backing fabric and, let’s face it, I’m inherently lazy. Above all else, I dislike piecing backings and so, I’m waiting until the perfect backing is released mid-April to drop them off at the quilter’s.

Windham Fabrics, I love them so much, is coming out with a 108″ wide backing fabric in, you guessed it, 30s reproduction fabrics! So excited!!

There are four gorgeous prints to choose from:
And, I really love the cross-hatching, but I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to line up straight for the quilter, so I’m probably going to go with the blue flowers print.

Run to me

So, I had a couple of car stalkers on my run today. I’m so glad I run out in the open, not on trails where there’s no one else around. There’re too many cars going in and out and around for the stalkers to do anything other than ogle, but they were still weird.

Today’s run: 3.87-mi.
March Total: 32.00
2012 Total: 66.10
2012 Goal: 500
Miles Remaining: 433.90

That’s 48 miles per month for the rest of the year. Much better than going into March!

On a sidenote, I have been walking every other day this week and will likely keep that up into the rest of the year. They won’t count for my running miles, but they will count for my new shoe miles!
Saturday (24): 4.43
Tuesday (27): 4.19
Thursday (29): 3.57

March Total: 12.19-mi
Shoe Miles
Running: 297.76
Walking: 49.70
Total: 347.46
Only 152.54 to go before I buy a new pair!

Donating Stuff

Since we moved to Bentonville, it seems I’ve had a barrage of requests for donations. Baby quilts, quilts for wounded soldiers, blood, money. No really, both blood and money.

I haven’t done so well on any of the categories except the blood thing. Every time the truck is at the Wal-Mart up the street, I go and give them some. I think that’s been 4 times in less than a year and today would have been 5. But I got there and my hemoglobin was too low. Apparently, the bottom line is 12.5 and mine was 11.3. Normally, that probably wouldn’t bother me, but I first noticed symptoms of it over a month ago. White nail beds, dizziness, extremely tired, etc. And it hasn’t stopped? Hmm. We eat a solid diet, no fast food to speak of, lots of dark green veggies and still? So, I tried to make an appointment with a local doctor that has the highest patient rating in the area plus is homeopathic. Minimum wait? Six weeks. Not kidding. The nurse told me that would be the case no matter what doctor I called. Then she backtracked and said I could maybe get in with another doc in four weeks, but still. That’s ridiculous. Just saying.

Makes me worry about passing out sometime while I’m out running or something. Eek.

Humid Run!

Wow. It was awfully humid out there today. But I ran anyway, yay, me!

3/28: 3.20-mi
March Total: 28.13
2012 Total: 62.33

Spring Runs!

First run in 12 days today and it was so nice out! I did manage to get out of the house at a decent time, so it wasn’t too hot out and, bonus, no additional sunburn today (fried during 4.5-mi walk with hubby on Saturday!).

3/26: 3.8-mi
March Total: 24.93
2012 Total: 59.03