Run to me

So, I had a couple of car stalkers on my run today. I’m so glad I run out in the open, not on trails where there’s no one else around. There’re too many cars going in and out and around for the stalkers to do anything other than ogle, but they were still weird.

Today’s run: 3.87-mi.
March Total: 32.00
2012 Total: 66.10
2012 Goal: 500
Miles Remaining: 433.90

That’s 48 miles per month for the rest of the year. Much better than going into March!

On a sidenote, I have been walking every other day this week and will likely keep that up into the rest of the year. They won’t count for my running miles, but they will count for my new shoe miles!
Saturday (24): 4.43
Tuesday (27): 4.19
Thursday (29): 3.57

March Total: 12.19-mi
Shoe Miles
Running: 297.76
Walking: 49.70
Total: 347.46
Only 152.54 to go before I buy a new pair!

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