Donating Stuff

Since we moved to Bentonville, it seems I’ve had a barrage of requests for donations. Baby quilts, quilts for wounded soldiers, blood, money. No really, both blood and money.

I haven’t done so well on any of the categories except the blood thing. Every time the truck is at the Wal-Mart up the street, I go and give them some. I think that’s been 4 times in less than a year and today would have been 5. But I got there and my hemoglobin was too low. Apparently, the bottom line is 12.5 and mine was 11.3. Normally, that probably wouldn’t bother me, but I first noticed symptoms of it over a month ago. White nail beds, dizziness, extremely tired, etc. And it hasn’t stopped? Hmm. We eat a solid diet, no fast food to speak of, lots of dark green veggies and still? So, I tried to make an appointment with a local doctor that has the highest patient rating in the area plus is homeopathic. Minimum wait? Six weeks. Not kidding. The nurse told me that would be the case no matter what doctor I called. Then she backtracked and said I could maybe get in with another doc in four weeks, but still. That’s ridiculous. Just saying.

Makes me worry about passing out sometime while I’m out running or something. Eek.

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