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Running on Empty!

Got in a few more miles before the end of the month!

28th: 2.81 with the hubby
29th: 3.3
February Total: 20.55
2012 Total: 34.10

Born to Run

Ran 4.0-mi in 56:30 today. Burned 559-kcal. Nice.

February Miles: 14.44
2012 Miles: 27.99

Romancing the Swoon Part Cinq

And I’m past the halfway point, but also at a stopping point because I ran out of Kona Khaki. It’ll be a couple of days before I can head down to Fayetteville to get to Joann’s. Here is the latest:

Romancing the Swoon Part Quatre

Nearly half-way!

Romancing the Swoon, Part Trois

I like this one best, so far. 😮