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No more running

Well, not ever, but at least until I get to the doctor and get a handle on what’s happening with me. Sam says I’m just getting old (slap), but I don’t think it’s quite that simple. First anemia for 3rd month in a row and now low blood sugar. Yuck. Either alone would be doable, but combined, they make me a bit nervous about running alone. Since I don’t have a running partner, I’m going to stay inside until the doctor. *pout*

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I went out for a run today…I’ve been a bit nervous about going out along after my stalker last week, but I got brave and did W4D1 of C210K today. I also took a new route, so it wouldn’t be boring. My runtastic app is about to kill me. It measures really well for the first 1-2 miles, but after that, I start getting 1/2-mi updates every 2 or 3 minutes…no matter whether I’m walking or running. All of a sudden, my 3-mi is miraculously 5-mi! Wow! I’m so fast I didn’t even know I was running! [sarcasm alert] Anyway, I managed to get in a nice 4.5-mi run and it felt great.

April Total: 4.9
2012 Total: 71.0
Shoe Miles
Running: 302.66
Walking: 56.23
Total: 358.89
Only 141.11 to go before I buy a new pair!