Running, running, running.

I did it! Really. I ran today. 2.75-mi. Of course it’s interval running, are you crazy? Since Sam and I are supposed to be doing the official Couch to 10K program together, I had to find another interval program to use on our off days – which have been every day since January 7. (Just saying)

I downloaded some other Couch to 10k program that only has 2-min walks between the run intervals. Let me tell ya, that’s not piece of cake, especially when you’ve not been running much. Today was just about exhausting. 38-minutes of run 2-min, walk 2-min with a 5-min warm up and cool down on the ends.

I had set myself a goal of running 500-mi this year. That’s about 42-miles per month. Since I only ran 13.55-mi in January and I’ve only run 5.25-mi this month, well, suffice it to say, I’m a bit behind. The awesome thing about running, though, is that you can always start over. Haven’t run for 6 months? Take it slow and get out there and go! I was looking through an event catalog for the Bentonville area today and saw that there are multiple 5ks coming up before summer hits, plus at least one 10k. Hopefully, we’ll get our motivation up and running in time to finish the program before that 10k.

On top of all that, if I run enough miles, I’ll be able to justify buying some new running skirts and the newest from my favorite company,, are coming out any day now! The few I’ve already seen are awesome.

Go get your run on!

Total miles run this year to date: 18.8 (i.e., sucktacular)

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