It’s finished already!!

Okay, not the whole quilt, but the center, anyway. Of course, that’s the easiest part, so why wouldn’t it already have been finished?!? As a reminder, I had purchased three charm packs, 1 jellyroll, 1 layer cake and 1 yard each of three of the prints (2 yellow and 1 cream) as well as 3 yards of a Kona white (Okay, it’s more like cream, but I don’t know the name.) and a Kona blue-green to match, so I could turn all this into another Swoon quilt. But, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to work that hard to make the numbers work if I used 5″ centers instead of the called for 6.5″ centers.
Then, I saw this fantastic QAL and the alternate size of 90″ x 90″ was perfect, absolutely perfect for the fabric I already had on hand!

So here we are. The center has been completed:
Here is the center.  Forgive the color.  Bad lighting in and out today.

and the star points are all laid out and ready to be sewn together (I’ve stacked them on top of each other. They fabrics for each are not the same, but colors are all the same as the top one.):
Points are all cut and ready.

Those points…oy vey. What was I thinking??? I took all the 5″ cream squares and cut them on the diagonal and even cut into the matching yardage to make a few extras and then realized I needed 5-3/8″ squares. I’m an idiot. So, I had to start all over on those, used all my matching yardage plus had to cut into my background fabric to have enough squares to do the points. As I said, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll sew those puppies up and cut up the middle of the stars and then corners and this top will be (amazingly) finished.

I am pretty positive that I cannot convey how exciting it is to complete an entire 90″ x 90″ quilt top in only 2 days. Frankly, it nearly would have been finished today, but I had to piece the back of that baby quilt (which I did manage to complete today as well)…then there was the whole cut-the-wrong-size-triangles thing. (Did I mention I’m an idiot?!?) Anyway, this will inspire me to come work on a grant tomorrow for awhile. I’ve two more due before the end of the month. One is half written, the other I haven’t started.

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