Wow. A whole month???

It has been a long month of down time for me. Really. I’ve felt awful, laid in bed a lot, not done a lot of sewing, done no grant writing. sigh Hopefully, the worst is past.

So, let’s catch up. I completed my Swoontilly quilt top. I started it around March 25. Considering how fast the other two went, this was awfully slow. I do love it, however, and I hope, hope, hope my cousin, Penny, loves it as well. (since it’s her Christmas present and all.)

Here’re a couple of pics. The indoor pic is the top laying on my queen-sized bed. This is the reason I laugh when folks say this is a double-bed quilt. Really?!? Have y’all looked at it on a queen? You can’t even see the whole thing!

See Heidi’s head and Rambo’s ears. They’re such “helpers!”

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