Running, Running, Running!

We got a membership at the Wal-Mart gym (really nice facility) and I went to the indoor track this morning. I did Week 4 Day 3 of Couch to 10k, then came home and walked the dogs 1.96-mi.

5/10 2.25-mi walk and 3.49-mi run
5/16 1.96-mi walk and 5.44-mi run
Total May miles: 16.43
Total 2012 miles: 90.53
Shoe Miles
Running: 327.09
Walking: 71.46
Total: 398.55

New Wave Quilt is finished!

It wound up at 71×78, but I can live with that. It’s gorgeous!

Plus, it only took four (count’em, 4) days to finish the top!!

Curious Nature New Wave Quilt top!

Next up on the agenda is the Curious Nature New Wave quilt top for my cousin Shane and his wife, Martie. It looks gorgeous laid out, but once I add sashing, I think it’s going to be amazing. I found the pattern for the quilt here: Oh Fransson’s New Wave Quilt Pattern. I have made it bigger by making two extra wedges per row and three or four extra columns…now I don’t remember. Anyway, I’ll also add borders to the outside to make this roughly 80×80. Did I mention that I love it?

Terrible picture, but it gives the idea.

Sewing Buddies Challenge 1

I know it’s unbelievable, but I completed two, count them, TWO quilt tops today. Admittedly, the second one was small, but still! This is for the Sewing Buddies first challenge. It’s all basted and waiting on me to quilt it tomorrow. Yay! The recipe for this quilt can be found here:
Moda Bake Shop: Sophie Car Seat Quilt.

Running again

The doctor didn’t say I should or shouldn’t run, so I started this week running on my elliptical again. Hopefully, he’ll soon say, this is what you need to do, I’ll do it and feel all better and I’ll feel safe to go outside alone again.

To catch up:
4/22 4.25-mi walk
4/25 3.1-mi, elliptical
Total April miles: 8.0
Total 2012 miles: 40
Shoe Miles
Running: 310.66
Walking: 60.48
Total: 371.14
5/7 5.1-mi walk and 4.5-mi elliptical run
5/8 1.67-mi walk and 3.0-mi elliptical run
Total May miles: 7.5
Total 2012 miles: 47.5
Shoe Miles
Running: 318.16
Walking: 67.25
Total: 385.41