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On A Whim is complete!

I bit the bullet and finished this up Friday, Saturday and today. I had more than enough “help” from the beasties and I’m going to start a new Swoon next week…an unplanned Swoon, but it will be gorgeous since I’m using Jan DiCintio’s Tilly as the main fabric. All the other fabrics will be Kona Solids.

Anyway, here’s the completed On A Whim top.

I do want to talk about this pattern a bit. It’s not particularly difficult to do. Simple square-in-a-square blocks and some rather easy half-square triangle blocks put together to make this gorgeous pattern, but…you knew that was coming right?…but, I get particularly bored making so many blocks alike. There I said it. Perhaps I should’ve blown up the block size, similar to the Swoon blocks, and I’d have liked it better. Either way.

I do have some tips in case you’re thinking about doing this quilt. All my tips are cutting tips. Cut the 3.5″ squares as 3.75″ or even 4″. They’re much bigger than you need, but give you plenty of wiggle room when squaring up. Also, cut the 4-1/8″ blocks as 4″. Since you’ve already cut the 3.5″ blocks larger, they’ll make up for the 1/4″ you lose total. It’s much easier to make your points line up if you cut those smaller. For sure, don’t cut them bigger! I tried that. Went 4.25″ rather than 4-1/8″. Bad move. Nothing matched up and cut off the points! My hints, btw, are for sloppy sewists like me. If you’re particularly picky and careful and always, always, always sew a perfect 1/4″ seam, then no need for you to do any hijinks with your cutting. Just follow the pattern.

I did make an extra row of blocks so that it was 5 blocks x 5 blocks rather than 4 x 5 as the pattern called for. It increased the size of the quilt to 86″ x 86″.

Blog Hop Giveaways!

There is still time to get in on the awesome Blog Hop. I’m especially loving the giveaway over at Seriously…I think it needs stitches.

Be sure to stop by The Quilting Gallery for a list of all the blogs participating in the awesome blog hop and some absolutely fabulous giveaways!

So. Very. Hot.

That’s all. Sam and I ran on Tuesday evening and it was pretty hot. I ran Wednesday and it was absolutely miserable. Just saying. Plus, allergies make it difficult to breathe, which make running sucktacular.

3/13: 3.41-mi
3/14: 4.28-mi
March Total: 21.13 (just passed both Jan and Feb Totals!)
2012 Total: 55.23 (only 444.77-mi to go!)

On A Whim has begun!

I did manage to get the entire quilt cut out today and I’ve sewn the first two blocks. I’m really struggling to get the points, especially on the square-in-a-square blocks, but I assume I’ll have it down by block 25 or so. I’m using a variety of 30s repro prints with Kona Snow and Kona Candy Blue.

The pattern only calls for 20 blocks, but I’ve added another column, so I’ll have 25. Just trying to increase the size. If I’m still unhappy at that point, I’ll add bigger borders. I’m sure it’ll be great.

The pattern can be found here: On A Whim – Thimble Blossoms or here: On A Whim – Fat Quarter Shop.

That was a killer run…

I mean, as in killing me. First run since the 6th and I felt every single second of it.
March Total: 13.44
2012 Total: 47.54